1st & 10th Tee warm-up greens

If your club putting green is located a distance away from your 1st and 10th starting tees why not consider the installation of a simple nylon putting green to entertain golfers as they queue up for their tee time? We can combine one of these greens with a single or double practice net so that each group will be well warmed up before teeing off.

Stand-alone bunker complexes

We install different sized and shaped bunkers as part of our total short game practice areas and on some of our larger chipping and putting greens. We now bring this experience and technology to build stand-alone, low maintenance synthetic bunkers for existing golf club and driving range practice areas.

Fixed size Putting Strips

As the name implies this is a strip of one of our putting green products. We recommend our nylon product on these smaller installations. We have some standard fixed sizes to choose from in dimensions of 15 feet which is the width of the turf.

Customised Putting strips

A nylon putting strip customised to cover an area not covered by our fixed sized putting strips.

Practice Nets

Our standard net is a 12x12x10 cage plus net. We only sell and install these cages to individual clients as part of a golf green or ‘’Golf Zone’’ installation.

The Golf Zone

Our uniquely designed, all-encompassing, compact golf practice area for the golfer that wants it all packed into a small space. The Golf Zone incorporates a putting green, practice net and tee within a 15 foot by 20 foot space allowing you to practice all your golf shots in a compact location.


All our lawns are built on a compacted stone base and include a shock pad underlay. We use Green recyclable turf in all our lawn installations. For working lawns and play areas we use a sand filled turf with Vspine polyethylene monofilament fibre densely tufted for attributes such as maximum durability and softness. For indoor, rooftop and more ornamental lawns we use a turf with all the attributes of the above turf except that the requirement for sand-filling is replaced with an inbuilt thatch to help the individual fibres remain vertical.