Ian Poulter

"I picked Tour Greens Europe to do my golf green installation because they have a quality product which when combined with their energy,enthusiasm and vision is unmatched in the business.The end result at my home is a practice facility which is unbelievable. I love it and I know that any golfer would love what they do". Ian Poulter.

Simon Kahn

"I cannot stress enough how good a job the staff at Tour Greens have done at installing a Golf Green for me. They have provided me with a wonderful green that putts as well as any good summer green. The quality of their workmanship is second to none." Simon Kahn

Rory McIlroy

"Tour Greens Europe built a green for me at my parents house some years back. It has been tremendously beneficial to the development of my golf game since it was first installed. I have subsequently had Tour Greens Europe build a larger practice facility in my new home. The product is as realistic and true as the best greens on Tour. I recommend Tour Greens Europe highly." Rory McIlroy

Peter Lawrie

"The installation has a perfect putting surface, is surrounded by chipping fringe and also has a practice bunker. It is slick and fast and blends in perfectly with the rest of my garden. It is not something I bought because I like the look of it although it was a bonus to see how beautiful it looked when finished. It is job related and I feel that if I can brush up on my putting I can make real headway on the European Tour because that is what I am about." Peter Lawerie

Sergio Garcia

"Lets not concentrate on all the great benefits for my golf game and the fun I have with my family and friends on my green. From a landscaping point of view this is a true gem. The installation by Tour Greens European at my house is a beautiful work of art. I am really impressed and delighted with it". Sergio Garcia